All Terrain Tyres Becoming very Popular in Australia

All terrain tyres are commonly used because of their enormous advantages over other types.

It is very crucial before choosing the ideal tyres for your vehicle to first consider the surface on which the vehicle will be moving on.

It may not be the solution for all vehicles but they seem to be suitable for different kinds of road experiences.

Although they can be noisy on smooth roads, they are the savior in the bush for they have been tested on different conditions and found to be the best when there is a variety of surfaces.

All Terrain 4wd Tyres can be described as all season tyres because there are no other types which can move on as many types of roads as they do.

They are the way to go for someone going for off road trips and at the same time needs to be regularly on the road.

Therefore it best use is a 50% on-road and 50% off-road.

They are conveniently made to suit rolling on different kinds of surfaces. They are generally good on roads, gravel, sand, dirt and rock but are not so good on muddy grounds.

All terrain tread is made to be aggressive therefore good for going off- road.

They are tough and not susceptible to sticks and damage by stones because they have a thicker and stronger side wall, and their internal construction is tougher.

They have been serving as the most suitable for rainy, icy and snowy conditions.

They have tinier tread blocks, thinner voids and have averagely a less mass of internal tread compounds.

They have the advantage of less fuel consumption rather than other types because of a tread pattern which minimizes resistance.

They can comfortably cover a distance of 50,000 Km’s hence making them the longest surviving on the road with less traction.

They have a minimal noise on the road compared to other types because of the pattern of tread as well as having tiny center blocks leading to more traction.

They are suitable for SUV or a light 4×4 for commuting daily to work.

They have large blocks and huge grooves on their side walls.

They are designed with added compounds to the rubber blend making them very strong.

They have the ability to carry people and heavy load on bad roads, rocky areas, sand and other surfaces for a off- road experience.

They provide for reduced accidents because they have strong sidewalls and are resistant to puncture.

They need good tyre maintenance like any other and wheel balancing is also necessary to ensure efficiency.

However, they are not the best choice on pavement because they are designed without a patch area for making contact with the ground therefore providing less touch leading to noise.